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Functional Nutrition Certification Online Training


Functional Nutrition Courses – “Mastering Functional Nutrition” 
Holistic Nutrition Training Program – using Functional Medicine Principals and Tools, learn how to become the last stop-go-to Health Professional who gets results with even the toughest chronic cases.

These Functional Nutrition courses give you the skills, functional medicine tools, and knowledge of 27 years from Functional Nutritionist Dr. Teresa Rispoli’s  functional nutrition courses, and become a Certified Functional Nutritionist (CFN). Through holistic nutrition training, she will teach you how to resolve the underlying cause of chronic health conditions like autoimmune, allergies, SIBO, hormone imbalances, Leaky Gut, and learn how to use and interpret Functional Laboratory Tests to gain insight, assessment tools and questionnaires to gain patient information in order to build a timeline of your patients health status. These functional medicine tools help you get to the root of your patients health challenges. This functional nutrition certification online training, led by Functional Nutritionist Dr. Teresa Rispoli helps practitioners develop the most important skills in healthcare that produce healthy outcomes. And because it is an online digital course you can learn in your own time, and save thousands of hours spent in other classrooms, courses and webinars because Dr. Rispoli, condenses this cutting edge and valuable health transforming information she has gained in over 27 years of clinical practice, into an easy to understand format that anyone can begin using immediately.

What is involved in the Functional Nutrition Courses Being Offered?

Our Functional Nutrition courses are based on Functional Medicine and holistic nutrition training with a private forum led by Functional Nutritionist Teresa Rispoli, ND, LAC, PHD, CFN that helps health practitioners develop the five most important skills in healthcare:


Fill your practice
through client referrals


Get enhanced clinical results
by practicing true root-cause resolution medicine


Influence your clients
to commit to long-term health goals


Lead with confidence & expert positioning
Be part of a Closed Facebook Community
of Health-Minded-People

Why Do You Need Our Functional Nutrition Course – “Mastering Functional Nutrition”?

Have you ever felt that you don’t know enough to help someone with …

Or you feel frustrated or anxious when your face-to-face with a client who has been suffering with chronic health issues you feel you don’t know enough about. or you feel anxious when they tell you they have been to multiple doctors and no one has been able to help them.  Wouldn’t you want to learn how to actually help these people and become the last stop in their quest for help?

Or you find yourself perplexed because while helping your client they stop making progress.

Then Mastering Functional Nutrition Courses are the right program for you!
This Functional Nutrition Course is cutting edge, condensed, health transforming information that really hones in on key core concepts that you will be able to put to use right away. Did I mention this is Holistic Nutrition Training?

There are a lot of health programs out there, health coaching, nutrition and information on the web to keep you busy for decades. But is that how you want to spend your time?  Why not benefit from Dr. Rispoli’s 27 years of practice and schooling? She has already put the time in for you! She has a vast wealth of knowledge and personal experience facing her own health challenges of autoimmune, endocrine, adrenal and major gut issues that no Medical doctor was able to help her with.  She has spent thousands of hours in school, research, and reading for most of her life and has discovered that Functional Nutrition has the answers when combine by a proper intake and health timeline, and by utilizing Functional Specialty Laboratory Testing (where mainstream medicine misses the boat). She has put together her clinical pearls and done-for-you protocols to help you get results.

Functional Nutritionist Academy is an accredited provider by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

You need practical skills that help you uncover the root cause of the illness, what is really going on with your client. Not just the diagnosis or symptoms, but the underlying root cause of their ill health.

Most importantly, you need to be able to find individualized solutions for your clients. One’s that are based on what their body is telling you.

This is what sets you apart from other healthcare providers, your clients will rave about you and refer you to their family and friends. But most importantly, you become their last stop, you stop their suffering!

How it works

Teresa Rispoli acclaimed Functional Nutritionist provides ten online 60 minute lessons posted to your dedicated Member ‘Hub’ to listen to at your own convenience. Plus, transcripts, PDF’s, Done-For-You Protocols


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